Hello everyone,

My name is Sergei and I’m a 4th year Economics major with a History Minor that I am trying to complete by next Fall. I’m originally from Russia, but I’ve lived in Canada for almost 10 years now. I’m from Toronto where I went to middle and high school.

The reason I decided to take History as my minor is mainly because they were easy electives to fill up my schedule, and most of the time, were fairly interesting courses. I’ve been interested in history since I was very young, I think I liked reading history books about Roman and Medieval times because they were almost like stories. Tales from books, and yet were very real, things that had happened and shaped the world I live in. However, as I took more and more courses, I became increasingly aware that history wasn’t only about recounting and recording events. More often than not, it reveals the evolution of human thought. Our values, ideas, and culture all evolve as we go, and the discipline of history traces this evolution. To me this is fascinating – watching the mental evolution of our species. I believe that Digital History, and the effects of technological progress is the next step in this evolution. Our technology allows us to do incredible things, and I cant wait to see how technology and history can merge together.