Hello, My name is Suban Sinnadurai. I am currently in my 3A term here at the University of Waterloo. I am a history major and belong to the Arts Faculty. The reason I am taking this course is because the historical world is becoming very digital. We live in an age where almost anything can be found online and as the world changes, we must change with it. My online research skills, I feel, are not on par with my peers; thus I am taking this class to strengthen my research skills in the are of digital research and online databases. Many people ask me what i aspire to do with a degree in History. They often think teaching, but I am first and foremost a history major because I love the topic of history and believe it has great value to what we learn today about the modern world and the future. To understand where we are today and why things are a certain way, we must understand that the past is what brought us to this point. Once I finish my history degree, I aspire to enter Law School. This of course is not an easy goal and I am willing to work hard to achieve it. My interest in regards to the field of law is Human Rights law. The world can often be a cruel place and many of the basic rights of humanity are violated every day. These people do not have many voices to speak on behalf of them and I would like to eventually be able to bring them the justice they deserve. In many ways, human rights becomes an indicator of how the world has evolved and changed; it ties into the historical groundwork that has become modern day history. The rise of the Western world and the downfall of the eastern world during the past few centuries dictates the violations of human rights all across countries who don’t hold power. Countries such as the United States and Britain bask in the glory of their wealth while other countries in Africa and Asia are left to suffer. From this, we can see how truly broad the reach of history really is and how much it has affected us from even before the time we were born. As I write this blog here today, the rights of human beings just like you and I are being violated, but the beauty of the internet is that work is being done to curb such atrocities from happening. Sites such as Wikileaks have revealed vast amounts of information on Governments around the world committing crimes and hiding important information from it’s citizens. The web can be used to do both good and evil, but it is up to us to decide how we use it. I hope to gain important knowledge from this class to help my in my quest to become a lawyer; a lawyer who eventually is able to change the way world operates, a world where we are all treated equally.