Hi I’m Kyle and I’m in my fourth year as a history major. My favourite period or periods are during the Greek era and Roman era. I find that the more modern history of the world is boring and not very interesting to me. I love Greek, Roman and medieval history because of the action and cool myths that you can find and read about during those times. I am fascinated with the Greek Myths, like the battle of Troy, and the return voyage of Odysseus to his home in the Odyssey, and very interested in Greek religion (Zeus and all the other Gods) and how their Gods and rituals dominated their lives. What I really like about the Romans is how they came to be and reached a point of (in their eyes) global domination and their eventual fall. Lastly, the things in medieval history that really interest me are the Crusades and the Event of the Black plague.

I am taking this Digital History course because I thought that it would help me learn more ways to research for history classes using my computer. I am also excited to find new ways to present my ideas. I wish that I was more fluent in the use of these digital technologies: I know that these are important tools for the future, beyond my university career. As I am looking to possibly becoming a teacher, I know that my students will be more engaged with my teaching if I can use some of these tools and make my lessons more interesting (along with the projects that I assign them!) From listening to the professor in class I really am interested in all these new programs that I have never even heard of before, like Omeka and Neatline that look like they will help my presentations in future classes and endeavours. I don’t know much about my computer and other electronic things besides some of the basics like using standard programs like Microsoft Word, power point and the internet, and I think this class is really going to help expand my knowledge in using different programs. I really enjoyed learning about Omeka and never knew how to actually use my phone to upload pictures to the internet and be able to make a webpage. The thing that really caught my attention and that I’m really interested to get to is the Neatline program. It deals with looking at maps and being able to link sources like letters from famous historical figures or artifacts from important historical events.

I want to be a teacher and am finding now that with the way things are going we are really living in a time where you have to know how to use all these new technologies and programs to succeed in finding jobs and being recognized. I am hopeful that this training will open doors for me, and allow me to begin to keep up-to-date with these kinds of applications. Learning these programs will give me an edge when it comes to teaching, as well as learning.

In conclusion, I think I will really enjoy this class and meeting everyone, and it will be really fun to learn about all these programs while looking at them through a historical lens.