“Kulia I Ka Nu’u – Strive for the Highest”

Hawaiian Proverb
I’m Tim a first year arts student. At the moment I have yet to declare my major, but it seems as though I’m leaning towards English Literature and Professional Writing. It’s funny, whenever I tell people about my prospective major, the first thing I hear is “So you want to be a teacher?” I guess generally speaking, most people see teaching as the only viable career option for English Majors. My goals and ambitions, however, lead to a different goal. Ideally, I would like to one day become the President of the International Olympic Committee.
Since I was young, I’ve always had a burning passion for the Olympic Games, be it Summer or Winter Games. There’s something about the Olympic Movement that is very attractive. I think it’s the perfect mix of sports fanaticism and patriotism. I find nothing more relaxing than yelling at the television at 4AM, catching the live telecast from London. The Olympic Movement also brings an air of magic to a host city. As a volunteer at the Vancouver 2010 games, I got a chance to witness the energy in the air.
Going on my experiences and passion for the Olympics, I became interested in International Relation and Modern Olympic History. It’s absolutely fascinating to see how much influence these games have had throughout the past century.

I took this digital history course first out of interest. Professor Milligan had given a fascinating lecture on Yorkdale and the Toronto Hippie Movement of the 1960s. I enjoyed the lecture and found the content to be very interesting. When selecting my second term courses, I took into consideration Prof. Milligan’s Youth History and Digital History courses. Originally I wanted to take the youth history course, but I ended up in the digital history one instead. In anycase, I had no idea quite what to expect going into the course. I mean the words Digital History could almost be seen as an oxymoron. One associates the word digital with technology and the future; and the word history with the study of the past. I was half-expecting a class on the topic of technology, and the history of the internet. I didn’t think we’d be learning how to use the internet to ‘digitize’ history.

I’m almost excited to learn more about putting history online… Almost.