Hi, I’m Mike. I’m the tall guy who wears lots of black (I just really hate separating out my loads of laundry and washing stains off clothes).

I’m not exactly sure what year I’m technically in, or how many I have left, since I only take about 3-4 courses per term. I’d rather take my time and enjoy it rather than being stressed out all the time. I also spend a lot of time doing non school-related things as well. I work most mornings at the Valu-Mart in Uptown Waterloo unloading trucks and doing general “Grocery” work, as well as hosting a weekly radio show on 100.3fm or http://www.soundfm.ca, along with 3 others. I mentioned this in the tutorial, but I figure this is as good a place as any for some shameless self promotion. The show is called Rebel Time Radio, which is an offshoot of a punk/hardcore record label from Hamilton called Rebel Time Records, which puts out records by punk bands who usually have more of a political edge to them. We try and keep the show at a good mix between music and talking, while trying to find a good theme for each episode. But that doesn’t always work out. Anyway, the show runs from 9:00pm-10:00pm on Wednesday nights. Outside of the radio show, I also spend a lot of time involved with the local independent music “scene”, helping to promote and set up (usually) all ages shows around town. That being said, I try not to be a music snob, and will likely give just about anything a listen.

I’m also a huge horror/science fiction fan, which works perfectly with the Science Fiction English Lit class I have right now. I’m really interested to see what kind of parallels I can draw between these two courses, as the theme of most science fiction is looking at how humanity reacts in the face of technology, where in this class we’re looking at the study of history in the face of new technologies.

I’m currently “Undeclared”, but since I’m planning on switching over to History, I just say that’s what I’m in. I find that I’m much more interested in more modern social history (Let’s say mid-1800s – Present), than say, studying Greek/Roman, Medieval or World War II history. Not to rip on the Greek/Roman/Medieval/WWII historians in the class, but those just don’t interest me all that much. I find that moreoften, I’m interested in how these huge events affect specific aspects of culture, for example: how the Vietnam War affected American horror movies (much more significantly than I thought). Specifically, I’ve been hugely interested in Canadian punk rock history, both because I really enjoy the music and ideas of the culture, and that the Canadian story is largely ignored, compared to England, New York or Los Angeles. I also find studying Canadian bands and people much more interested than British or Americans, mostly because it is much closer to home. Just the fact that I could be reading about a certain neighborhood of Montreal or even Hamilton, and know exactly where the author’s talking about makes it feel so much closer to home, than having to imagine what a particular neighborhood in London, England is like.

When I first signed up for this course, I only saw it listed as “Special Topics in History”, so I really had no idea what I was getting into. After first few weeks, I’m really glad I took the gamble, and am excited to see what we’ll be up to in this class!