I’m Don and I’m currently on my third year of history and business. I came to the University of Waterloo aspiring to become a history teacher as one of my high school teachers had been quite the inspiration through his ability to captivate the classroom. I decided to take this course as it’s inevitable for technology to surpass the practicality of paper, and I foresee the field of history soon evolving similar to how other studies are within academia.

I believe more individuals could connect to the past if history was further digitized, hence making it more available to the public. The different forms of communication which the internet provides offer many alternatives to appeal to individuals who are less likely to pick up a book or be fortunate enough to sit through a lecture with an engaging professor. I believe this opportunity ultimately allows aspiring teachers to expand and improve their ability to teach this subject and would revolutionize the old fashioned note taking while reading a text book.

I relate to many of you who are fond of video games with a historical influence, the new Assassins Creed was great following my early American history course. I also enjoyed the classic Battlefield games much more so than the modern ones as it focused on the second World War.

I dream that one day I can travel the world with the excuse of documenting the unique history of each destination through my perspective. Hopefully my studies in business along with this more modern style of history could make such a dream a reality.