By now, you should all have received an e-mail from me with some specific feedback on your first introductory blog post and touching base about your class final projects. I can’t believe that our class is now a quarter over!

Readings for next week are on the website. To access the “New Old Things” article in the Canadian Journal of Communication, you can use the provided link if you are on-campus. If you are at home, log in through the library webpage as you would for any other journal and find it via that page. I’ll remind you on Tuesday so you can make sure to grab it in class.

Also for next week (I will send a note out – I just remembered how bad our internet connections can be in class), could you please download the following software:


I will bring it on a USB key as well.

Some other links of use:

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Copyright FAQ and Guide to Fair Dealing, from the UW Library

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