The September 11 Digital Archive is a site created with intention of collecting and preserving digital copies of media records relating to the history of 9/11. The media they have stored vary largely from emails and communication records during the attack to digital images/animation and interviews of people. This site is able to offer to their viewer three features: browse, research and contribute. The browsing and researching component of the website allows viewer to learn and check out all the information that 9/11 Digital Archive has to offer regarding the incident. Contribution is the biggest part of this website since large part of the archive is created from submission by visitors. Anyone can essentially add and upload media to the site after filling in some of the question boxes which comes with the uploading process.  I believe this site is valuable for its database which was created by the website creator as well as contributors. During the visitor’s process of uploading the media, two interesting questions are asked by the site: “How has your life changed because of what happened on September 11, 2001?” and “How will you remember the September 11 attacks on the anniversary?”  These questions are there to give the incoming media source to the database a personal insight and touch of humanity. It gives otherwise normal picture or bad drawing done by 5-6 years old an emotional impact which can only be attained with answer to the two question. The idea of creating an open source like database was also an excellent idea as it captures the events of what individual people went through during the time of event. It also shows what people around the world that weren’t directly affected by it via their communication history. The website is well made website which represents the event of 9/11 very well.

Hurricane Digital Memory Bank website is a website created for collecting stories of hurricane Katrina and Rita. The website contains over 25,000 items in the collection which shows the devastating destruction that Katrina and Rita left behind. Similar to the September 11 site, this website offer massive collection of media and function for visitors to contribute their story via digital collection to the site. Each collection contained in the database had a description which appealed to the reader’s grief. Although the September 11 and Hurricane Digital both do exactly same thing, I believe September 11 has pull it off better. This came mostly from the difference in interface and design of the website. Navigation was much better in September 11 and. Hurricane Digital was built very simple but it still carries out their intended purpose. In that respect, I believe Hurricane Digital website to be still valuable and good representation of event of hurricane Katrina and Rita.

The last of the three website is Occupy Archive, which has the purpose of collecting stories relating to Occupy Movement of 2011. The features on the website are same as the previous two but the database is considerably smaller with whole collection adding up to 3000. Of the 3000, almost all of them were pictures. Although pictures do show ongoing events at the time, the other categories which come with the picture, such as title and subject among many other categories makes the viewing of picture more confusing than it had to be. Furthermore, there might be problem with the website as I saw duplicates of picture. All this only showed me that admin aren’t checking the quality of submission they are getting properly and not bothering to fix simple stuff which could improve user experience. The quality of website was very poor and the pictures it provided, only real source of database, were subpar. The website is not really valuable since it does not provide much meaningful resources and is poor representation of the event since I haven’t really understood much from it.