The first of the three archives is all about the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. or 9/11 as it is widely known as now. This archive compiles a vast range of primary sources from the events of 9/11 including email exchanges and other electronic media. Also, there is a collection of pictures, videos and sound clips that were taken of the events of 9/11 along with first hand accounts from witnesses and survivors of the attack. This type of archive is very valuable as it ensures that these events, the people who were involved and the documents we have available regarding the event will be preserved in an effort to help preserve the memory of these people who did not survive and their families who were so heavily impacted by this tragedy. It is rare for a major historical event to be so well documented and for those documents to be so well preserved and it is definitely worth a look for anyone wishing to delve into what happened on this tragic day.

The second of the archives is about Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Rita, two separate but incredibly powerful and devastating storms that hammered the southern United States in 2005. This site compiles a very large collection of images, videos and stories from the survivors of these two very devastating storms that hit the area within weeks of each other. When looking at the pictures you get a sense of the sheer strength of these storms and the devastation that they caused with piles of rubble and flooded homes being the focus of many of the pictures. The site itself also has a search engine which makes for easy navigation of the site if there is something specific you wanted to look for. Like with the 9/11 archive, it is rare that such a vast number of primary sources like this are preserved making it a great place to start for anyone wishing to research anything to do with the history of these storms or even just hurricanes or major storms in general.

The final of the three archives is not nearly as well made as the first two archives. In fact, having clicked the link to the site, it was not even immediately obvious what the site was about. The site is about the “Occupy Movements” of 2011 that took place in major cities around the world; however, this information requires looking past the big attention grabbing photos so that you notice the small heading of the page. From the home page it still isn’t even immediately obvious what the Occupy Movements were about. Looking to the small sidebar you notice the link “About” which links to a page describing very briefly what the movement was about and how it started. The archive itself  seems to include pictures, links, videos, posts and other primary sources from the movement that you can delve into to find out more about what happened. However, as you actually start clicking on links, there are a lot of dead ends, blank pages or just generally useless information that has little to nothing to do with the events that took place. Unlike the other two archives, this archives seems to be pretty well useless for doing any real research in its current format but could be a useful tool if quite a bit of work was done to improve the available information and make the site more easily navigable.