I’m Chris Brook and I’m a third year History major at UWaterloo. My areas of interest in History are very broad with interests in technological history (cars in particular), Medieval/Early Modern European history, Classical history, Eastern European/USSR/communist history and the Cold War. I have had the pleasure over my years at Waterloo to explore these topics more in depth and discover many new areas of History I’d never even encountered before.

I am taking Digital History for a few reasons. Perhaps the biggest reason is that I wish to become an elementary teacher and I see the need for tech savvy educators in our education system so that our future students will be able to have every possible advantage when they graduate high school and head off into the working world. I am hoping to be able to pick up on new skills and learn about new programs through Digital History that will allow me to better educate the students of tomorrow and to just simply be able to better my own technological knowledge as I move forward in school and later my own career. Also, Digital History also ties nicely in with my interest in technological history so that was a good fit for me with my personal interests.

I look forward to learning more about Digital History this semester and I wish everyone in the class the best!