Hi everybody. Here are the links for class on Thursday, February 7th. No need to explore them until we’re actually all together.

Shawn Graham, Scott Weingart, and Ian Milligan, “Getting Started with Topic Modelling and MALLET,” Programming Historian 2. (don’t let this scare you, we’ll just be using it as an example and not working through all the commands – although you’ll be able to pursue it further)

Java GUI for Topic Modelling.

Practice datasets (they are all in ZIP format):

A Directory of Every Heritage Plaque in Toronto. [this is the ideal set, which I will be demoing. But feel free to experiment with these other ones]

Canadian Radio and Television Commission Hearings on New Media, 1996.

A Scrape of Globeandmail.com for every 15 minutes for an entire month. (this is experimental, haven’t tried it yet – make sure you have enough RAM)

Every Song that Charted on the Billboard Top 40 in 1968.

Every Song that Charted on the Billboard Top r0 in 1989.