Going back to our first week, I have come to really appreciate how broad history has become and how broad it will become in the future. Before taking the class, I was not aware of the archives in the basement of the Dana Porter Library nor did I know how much information could be found through programming. This class has taught me a great deal on what being a Historian truly means. There are more avenues to research than just going to the library and delving myself in books. Digital History is strongly on the rise, as is the technological boom. With more historical artifacts and documents becoming available to us over the web, it is up to us to continue to advance our skill set in research so that we can keep up with the ever evolving world that is historical research.

I have become very encouraged by the end of this class, by the vast array of things I have learned. My knowledge of how to research has improved immensely now that I have been introduced to different forms of digital research. In the future, I can cut my research time almost in half if i please, using such programs as programming historian or Python. I can also have more credible sources from the archive situated in the library. There is so much about digital research that students have yet to figure out and it is up to us to spread the word.