I signed up and took this digital history course because I thought it would help give me new ways to research for other history classes and a better understanding on how to go about doing that research. Through out the term this class has helped me significantly with my research for my other history class that focuses on medieval heresy. I learned about new search engines like the Internet Archive that granted me access to many different kinds of sources that I would never of thought of using like poems on different events that were written during those events.

This class has also helped open my eyes to many new ways of putting information together for presentations. My favorite tool we looked at was the one I used for my final project Neatline this allowed me to creat a map that showed important battles and events in Joan of Arcs short life. I know I haven’t mastered Neatline but I plan on trying to keep using/playing with it to learn more about all its functions so I can benefit more in my future presentations with better, more detailed maps. The other tools we worked with like Omeka and blogging really opened my eyes as well. I thought the classes and tutorial we looked at Omeka were amazing because I never thought I would make a website ever. Through Omeka I made a website with classmates in tutorial that looked like a real website. I learned how to upload pictures of documents off my phone to a computer so that we could put them on the website, which I never even knew I could do.  I never really went on blogs before or knew too much about them but now I know more about them and can actually write one. I also know how to upload old maps on google earth now so that I can compare areas now to what they looked like in the past. I found this really neat and helpful to help picture the changes that happened over time in the areas that I looked at. I do want to become a teacher and now know that if I do I will have a better time keeping students attention, because of some of these great tools I can now use, that I would not have been able to in the past.

I knew at the beginning of the term that technology was becoming a very important part of history not only can we now pull up almost any document we want on the internet but we can now contribute by putting things on the internet as well, like our family history, that can help others doing research. I still believe, like at the beginning of the term, that Digital history is important but now I have actually seen why it is important through all of the programing and hands on learning of the tools that are available to us that we can use.