TUTORIAL ONE: (meeting on 16 January or 23 January, depending on your group)

This will be a general discussion about digital history, drawing on the two chapters from Digital History assigned. For this tutorial, the additional reading is “Interchange: The Promise of Digital History,” available http://www.journalofamericanhistory.org/issues/952/interchange/index.html.

TUTORIAL TWO: Meeting on January 30th or February 6th

This tutorial will deal with the impact of computers on the historical profession. In addition to the main course readings on wikipedia and hoaxes, please read:

ITHAKA S + R, “Supporting the Changing Research Practices of Historians.” December 2012. Available online at http://www.sr.ithaka.org/research-publications/supporting-changing-research-practices-historians.

TUTORIAL THREE: Meeting on February 13th or March 6th

A seminar looking at visualization tools. We’ll collaboratively use some documents to find out what we can through some popular, easy-to-use textual analysis tools.

TUTORIAL FOUR: Meeting on February 27th or March 20th

This tutorial will be an opportunity to first take a pause and figure out what we all think about digital history. So, for this tutorial, please come having read the Science article on “Quantitative Analysis” as well as an additional article by Tim Sheratt, “It’s All About the Stuff: Collections, Interfaces, Power and People,” 1 December 2011, available online, http://discontents.com.au/words/conference-papers/it’s-all-about-the-stuff-collections-interfaces-power-and-people.

TUTORIAL FIVE: Meeting on March 13th or April 3rd

This tutorial will be a final wrap-up for the tutorial group around digital history.